Paris Hilton Vincent Gallo #2 or How Much Gawker Failed 

Outrage over at Gawker over the Paris Hilton Vincent Gallo short film collaboration! Most important: the file location we formerly posted is now defunct, but it can now be downloaded right from Gawker (.wmv).
Anyhow Gawker is so lame on that still calling it "the latest in the Paris Hilton Naked Saga" when we now finally have to fully quote Spencer: "it's pretty old, he wrote the music and directed the short."
Some more accounts of savvy people (and not the Coen girl who totally failed this time) from the comments on whatevs:
This is old as hell...
This is the video for track off Gallo's "When" album. Track one of said album is a song called "I Wrote This Song for the Girl Paris Hilton ".
So where is the news?!

Isn't this almost 5 years old? YAWN YAWN YAWN.
We miss Spiers who used to do some serious fact checking.

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