Dead Horse Media Empire A Dead Horse? 

On the occasion of Dead Horse Media aka Elizabeth Spiers's official launch of Fashionista.com (obnoxious "Fast Food Nation" ads are totally inappropriate for a fashion site like this; needs new design) we'd like to take a moment to explore the state of Spiers's empire:

Now, sure the Alexa stats are wretched and Calacanis is gaming Alexa, but that's most likely the spike in November when Jason announced his gaming. The level is back to normal now. All in all, looking at the graph you could easily say that all Dead Horse Media properties together don't even closely have a load of traffic worth bragging about, not even compared to Jason's site.
So let's do the maths: Recently Jason said he'd make USD 60,000/year if he was putting up ads on his site. Even if Alexa and the likes are wrong, numbers cannot be that wrong. Which means at the end of the day the internets leaves only a handful of change in Elizabeth's pocket, right?

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