The Wannabe Bond Girl 

So we're just coming off listening to the second installment of the Cinematical Bondcast. Forgive us for rather plain language, but this Athena chick totally sucks. Not only is she lacking basic bond knowledge, but she's also getting all giggly and flirty with Kevin. And that takes up like two thirds of the whole twenty minutes.
E.g. Athena: Oh, you have many favourite bond girls. Kevin: Ah, yeah!, Athena: *gggg* like me *ggg*!
This is preposterous!
Kevin: So who's your best, favourite bond girl? ... Athena: I've always like Melina Havelock from "For Your Eyes Only" ... Why? I don't know ... she's Greek, I'm Greek, no *ggg* I just like her *ggg*, she reminds me of me!

Please, get her OFF the show! She does add NO value to it at all!

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In Honour of Krucoff's Birthday 

Originally uploaded by youngna.

so they say it is the day, who cares, after all he's old enough to get drunk in the shower alone; maybe Mohoh[o]ney will join him

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Best: Andrew Krucoff Is My Brother 

Did you know? We want one of those, seriously. While we're at it: who is Gawker?

Did you get the message, bro?

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Why Steele Banned Krucoff 

Why Lock banned all things Krucoff on Gawker is beyond reason. Come to think of it, probably not. It's Krucoff vs Steele all over again. Only this time it's the girl, not the LES.

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Early Recap 

The Gothamist kids ca. 1998.

Krucoff and the fit one just when the double chin started to show.

And in honour of the Grambo comeback: buzz ca. 2005

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Hear the cookie crumbling. (Note: Heather, you gotta do something about that!)

Also: First installment of the highest double digit blog.

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Sucking It Up In The Blogosphere 

[redacted] you may think sucking up to [redacted], just as people suck up to Shoemoney and other bloggers, will achieve something but you are wrong. Although they may provide an interesting read, you will not earn their respect for defending them. When you develop a sense of self, come back and review your comments and keep in mind what I tried to teach you.

Note: we had to bring this to light, seriously!


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