Evolving Thoughts on Mahalo 

some impressions on Mahalo

- Jason wants us to search for "Paris hotels", if we mistype or put in "Paris hostels" we geht nothing, even though there is a paragraph on hostels under "Paris hotels" - where's the service value in that, dude?!!

- looking for information on the recent plans to attack jfk, we type in "JFK" which returns 0 - zero - results, we'd have to type in "JFK airport plot" - how lame!!!

- if we misspell a word there's NO result, no suggestion. This takes us by surprise because Jason himself makes typos all the time.

- he's never going to keep up with the flow of news. The top result for JFK airport plot is 3 - three ! - days old etc etc.....

[ed - this will be updated of followed by new entries!]

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