The Frustration of Mahalo Editors 

So there are all these wonderful people at Mahalo who are "here to help". Alright then, you get free lunch four times a week and maybe a gym.
BUT what you don't get is the reputation/name/recognition any blogger would get were you to devote the same time on writing on the same topics you're now linking to for Mahalo.
Take this C.K. Sample guy - who btw makes mistakes in his Gawker Media entries on Mahalo by failing to realize that there's new Gawker property Jezebel among the "Gawker Media Family Blogs" (so much for keeping entries up to date!!) - C.K. loved to be lead blogger for TUAW and all that he got out of it. As an editor for Mahalo he'll not be "conversing with the audience" any more.
Still, it may be alright for some to just play the gatekeeper for links, but with all the actors (more on Rupak's credibility here on the team not everyone who initially took the opportunity will be satisfied with that very role when they actually want to build some brand on top of their name. Blogging is way better suited for that, let alone acting.

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