TWiT Sucks 2 

Why pundits are only pundits and have no clue whatsoever:
So TWiT naturally took the bait and discussed the MSFT-YHOO bid in its latest installment. Luckily Scoble and Calacanis were on it to provide some perspective business-wise, and they can do so simply because they have moved beyond any kind of Tech-TV style punditry, especially Jason who has an impressive (like him or not) entrepreneurial record. Leo Laporte on the other hand comes off as clueless as ever. He was taken by surprise upon hearing the fact that Hotmail/Live Mail and Yahoo!-Mail each on their own are way ahead of Gmail concerning number of users. He considers 100 million sold copys of Vista a failure. Just by how he addresses (not) the upcoming challenges facing Microsoft and Yahoo! we get the impression that he has no understanding of how a corporation or business processes or markets work. Google is the only thing there is, everyone will be bought by Google, Google can do it all etc. Duh, please think! (Take Mark Cuban's post as an example.)

Then again for a podcast he has one of the largest audiences out there (which may be taken as an indicator for the quality of his audience). Even so, entertainment value is all well, but please deliver some insight instead of mere punditry.

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