"I spend my life figuring out stuff about spam!" 

That's Andrew Keen's suggested pick up line for Mahalo employees when they go to parties. (at 1:45:49)
Also: "You're not Nietzsche or Marx, but you're still doing a great job!"

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Why Is This Happening? 

Ski Dub: 4 Non Blonde's "What's Going On!?" from Julia Allison on Vimeo.

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Repeating a Bold Move 

Why is Jason Calacanis shilling for sponsor again, without having fulfilled previous commitments as we have reported recently:

Bold move by webpreneur Jason Calacanis. On Twitter he is asking for $100K+ for his charity. Now why is this so presumptuous?
Let's look back: in October 2006 Calacanis announced a podcast with great fanfare and an official press release around his keynote at the Blog Business Summit. He made a committment to do 50 episodes of "a weekly podcast" over the course of a year.
It's January 2008 now. Not only has he failed to deliver a weekly podcast, but he's far from meeting the commitment reaching those 50 episodes, the latest being the 32nd installment only. We're pretty sure both sponsors, Godaddy.com and Podtech.net, must feel cheated!!



Jason's Scoble 

After the blow up: What Scoble was to Microsoft, Sean Percival is to Calacanis.*

*We've been treated.

update: C.K. Sample wants to be Jason's Scoble, too!

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