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Mr. T Preparing for Fashion Week 

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There you go HuffPo:
Oh, and if you don't link to this, you're dead to us.
"Why won't they link to me?" (A cautionary tale for aspiring bigshots) [featuring Robert Scoble]



Web 2.0 Hybris in Davos 

Watch Klaus Schwab, founder of the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, making a fool of himself by trying to land a joke featuring Second Life within the framework of the much hyped shift of the power equation (whatevs that's supposed to be) brought along by the Web 2.0 thingy.
[from min 01:45 onwards] Klaus Schwab: you are from the media, so many people from the media here, so I really want to know whether you have captured the spirit of Davos, changing power equation, and the web 2.0 world. Who of you has his avatar, raise their hands, and the others go out [squelched laughter from the media mob] because you are not ready for what we are doing in Davos. And if you don't know what an avatar is, ask my wife. I have to tell you, I have to tell you, she was rigorously opposed to be, to create my avatar in Second Life, you may go to Second Life and see me. then I created my avatar, I got a call from her, she said, 'I want to have also a avatar. So I said, 'why?', she said, 'I just looked at your avatar and you look 20 years younger, so I want also to have one.' [sic!, sic!, sic!]

btw: Claudia Schiffer is also in it.

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Dead Horse Media Empire A Dead Horse? 

On the occasion of Dead Horse Media aka Elizabeth Spiers's official launch of Fashionista.com (obnoxious "Fast Food Nation" ads are totally inappropriate for a fashion site like this; needs new design) we'd like to take a moment to explore the state of Spiers's empire:

Now, sure the Alexa stats are wretched and Calacanis is gaming Alexa, but that's most likely the spike in November when Jason announced his gaming. The level is back to normal now. All in all, looking at the graph you could easily say that all Dead Horse Media properties together don't even closely have a load of traffic worth bragging about, not even compared to Jason's site.
So let's do the maths: Recently Jason said he'd make USD 60,000/year if he was putting up ads on his site. Even if Alexa and the likes are wrong, numbers cannot be that wrong. Which means at the end of the day the internets leaves only a handful of change in Elizabeth's pocket, right?

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Verbal spats are common, particularly when the neighborhood’s most argumentative old-school blogger, Andrew Krucoff, is involved. But no blogger could recall an actual fistfight. [observer]



Best Disclosure Evs 

Disclosure: each of those AOL's top three blog titles competes, bloodily, with Gawker Media properties. I've feuded often with Jason Calacanis: ridiculing his early plans for a network of trade blogs; losing Pete Rojas, the first editor of Gizmodo, to WIN's Engadget site; and setting up rival auto and video games sites largely because Calacanis did first. I also have an aesthetic aversion to those blog networks which measure success in the quantity of titles rather than the quality of the writing. [valleywag]

Denton strikes back after Jason didn't like one of Nick's previous disclosures.

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Excerpt of the Day 

- unique talent to put a veil over people's eyes so thick that it makes a burqa seem like a leopard print thong

- JPMorgan rewards competence about as well as Pol Pot rewarded wearing eyeglasses

excerpt from Keith Hahns farewell email on the occasion of leaving JP Morgan. Keith Hahn blogs over at DealBreaker.com

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Spiers is responsible for a site called DealBreaker.com that carries focused news for Wall Street professionals [emph. ours] [owengetsreal]
We always thought it's a "Wall Street gossip blog".

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How Lockhart Steele Makes the News Again 

So this Steele guy makes the headline of this petty site again. We are inclined to take this photo-op as the inofficial launch of Lock's 2008 campaign: mingling with the young voters demographic of the GOP. Julia Allison strikes again.

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Lockhart Steele was home-schooled. Most gripping news from the pits of YM's longest comment thread evs.

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Daylife Fails to Thank Jeff Jarvis 

Daylife, the new news aggregator which claims to be a revolution in online news, fails to honor the input of Jeff Jarvis who so proudly proclaims that it's "the news startup I’ve been helping on". To your left you can see the special thanks part of Daylife's profile page. Now you tell me that it's no big issue that Jeff is not being thanked. As you can see, he is not listed among all the internerds who helped in creating the site. Lots of other investors like Dave Winer are listed, though, even Mike Arrington who btw hates the new service. So is this just a simple mistake? Is Daylife even doomed due to its controversial board?

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